3 Things to Keep in Mind If You Are Hurt on the Job

Workplace injuries are an unfortunate reality, especially in high-risk industries like construction, healthcare, and law enforcement. Here in California, workers are protected by some of the most strict, and most expensive, worker’s compensation laws in the country. However, too many people are not made aware of their rights and responsibilities as employees, and end up making costly mistakes if they are injured on the job.

If you are hurt while at the jobsite, or as part of your regularly expected job duties, there are specific steps that you must follow in order to pursue fair compensation. Furthermore, there are many other things to keep in mind, to give yourself the best shot at a positive outcome, should your case go to court. When you have been injured at work, follow your employer’s procedures, but also remember these few tips:

  1. Stay calm but firm

Neither downplaying nor overdramatizing your injuries will do you any good in the long run. If you’re hurt, do your best to stay calm and rational, but also stand up for yourself. Some employers may pressure you into staying quiet, but continue to hold fast, get the help you need, and follow up on your worker’s comp claim, every step of the way.

  1. You are entitled to accommodations at work

When you’re hurt, and your injury affects your ability to do your job, your employer is required to make accommodations to enable you to return when your doctor says that you are ready. These may include things like modified office equipment, more frequent breaks, or altered job duties. Talk to someone in HR about what accommodations can be made for you.

  1. You’re allowed to consult with an attorney

Many employers try to contain injured workers within their own internal departments, but you are allowed to seek outside legal help. It’s important that you see an approved doctor, but when it comes to a worker’s injury attorney, you should reach out to one in your area to discuss your case. They can offer important insights and advocate for you to get the compensation that you deserve.

Depending on the type and severity of your injury, you may be entitled to a significant amount of money and/or time off from work. However, regardless of your injury, it’s important that you document everything thoroughly, cooperate with your supervisors, and seek an attorney’s opinion as soon as possible. When you need help from a qualified personal injury attorney in Emeryville, reach out to Thomas C. Tagliarini Attorney At Law today!