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Beside crimes against children, there may be no more despicable crime than that of elder abuse. Many elderly people across the U.S. suffer abuse at the hands of friends, sales people, financial services employees, care providers, and even family members. Anger, shame, anxiety, helplessness are part of the gamut of feelings and emotions a person experiences when victimized by elder abuse. An Elder Law Attorney can help those who have been victimized.

What is Elder Abuse?

Elder abuse can come in many forms. California state law defines elder abuse as physical abuse, neglect, financial abuse (improper use of an elder’s funds, property or assets), abandonment, isolation, abduction (taking the person out of the state against his or her  will), or other behavior that causes an elder physical harm, pain, or mental suffering. The law is there to keep our seniors safe and healthy and to punish abusers.

Two possible categories of elder abuse:

  • Domestic abuse: mistreatment and abuse that originates from a person who has a special relationship with the elder. Abusers may include a caregiver, spouse, child, or sibling
  • Institutional abuse: mistreatment and abuse that originates in facilities such as an assisted living facility, nursing home, board-care facility, group home. Abusers may include people with legal obligation to furnish home, healthcare, and financial services


Understanding Elder Abuse


What signs can you look for to determine whether your loved one has suffered elder abuse at the hands of a caregiver or care professional? The following are just some of the possible signs that may indicate elder abuse.

Signs of physical abuse may include:

  • Unexplained bruises, cuts, welts, grip marks or broken limbs
  • Fearful, intimidated demeanor in presence of family members or caregiver
  • Denial of injuries


Signs of neglect may include:


  • Drastic change in personal hygiene
  • Untreated bed sores
  • Malnutrition
  • Ignoring or treating elder as an outcast within the family setting


Signs of financial abuse may include:


  • Naming of new beneficiary(s)
  • Unexpected property sales
  • Unexplained granting of power of attorney
  • Unexpected transfer of money or property


Signs of psychological abuse may include:


  • Physical or emotional isolation
  • Degrading language, shouting, verbal abuse
  • Removing elder from important discussions about major life decisions


Our Dedication to Protecting You and Your Family from Elder Abuse


As an Elder Law Attorney, we understand how difficult and dire the situation can be in instances of elder abuse. Consequently, we honor the opportunity to represent families against such abuses. The Law Office of Thomas C. Tagliarini Attorney At Law is located in Emeryville, CA and has built an excellent reputation by diligently and zealously working to deliver justice for our clients. We strive to go above and beyond in every case.

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