Don't Let Someone Take Advantage of Your Elderly Relative

Speak with a financial elder abuse attorney located in Emeryville, CA, serving Berkeley, CA and the entire Bay area

Your loved one has spent a lifetime working hard to build their savings. It's devastating to see this effort go to waste because of a financial abuser. If your loved one is the victim of financial elder abuse, attorney Tagliarini can help. He will advocate for your loved one's rights in the courtroom. He also works directly with financial abuse victims in Emeryville, CA and the surrounding areas.

Don't let your elderly loved one lose money or property to a financial abuser. Reach out to Thomas C. Tagliarini Attorney At Law now to schedule a consultation.

Recognize the signs of financial elder abuse

Financial elder abuse is more common among seniors who are isolated or suffering from cognitive decline, but any senior can be a victim. How do you know if your loved one is a victim? Look out for:

  • Unusual changes to wills or trusts
  • Unexplained withdrawals in bank accounts
  • Changes in demeanor around a caregiver or family member

Anyone could be a financial abuser - even those you least suspect. Discuss your situation with a financial elder abuse attorney located in Emeryville, CA.