Representing San Francisco Bay Area Personal Representative, Executors and Beneficiaries

It is never easy when losing a family member or friend. During this time of loss, the pain and anxiety is often heightened by the reality that family members must often seek help in understanding how to distribute their loved one’s estate. Questions often arise about the inheritance or transfer of property, whether a court case is necessary, and the complicated laws that govern the probate process. In times of uncertainty, the Law Office of Thomas C. Tagliarini Attorney At Law in Emeryville, with 30 years of experience as a probate lawyer in California, can provide peace of mind with options that fit your specific needs.

What is Probate?

In California, probate refers to the legal court proceedings that bring closure to a person’s financial estate and legal affairs upon their death. In probate court proceedings, the will of the decedent is reviewed by a judge to determine a number of crucial decisions that can greatly affect your family and future. In cases where the deceased died without a Will or Trust, the Probate Court oversees the estate to insure it is distributed to the legal heirs of the decedent as established under state law.

What Happens in Probate Court?

The probate process begins in California with court proceedings held in the county Superior Court in which the deceased resided. Among the many tasks executed by the court in the probate process: examination of the will to determine the validity and authenticity of the document, listing the assets of the estate, appraising the value of the assets, supervising the distribution of monies to pay outstanding bills, and ensuring the transfer of property and assets to the rightful heirs or beneficiaries as set forth in the Will.

Our Role in Probate

During these critical court proceedings, a Probate Lawyer at the Law Office of Thomas C. Tagliarini in Emeryville consults and guides the estate personal representative or executor through the probate process to obtain a distribution of the estate as quickly and as efficiently as possible. The following is a list of some of the crucial tasks we perform to represent you and your family.

  • Preparing all documents required by the probate court
  • Filing all documents required by the probate court in a timely manner
  • Finding and securing probate and non-probate assets
  • Consulting and advising on all payments of decedent’s outstanding debts and bills
  • Acquiring appraisals and date of death values of all decedent’s property
  • Monitoring and tracking the estate checking account
  • Supervising the collection of life insurance proceeds
  • Assisting the sales process for estate property
  • Assisting in the settlement of disputes among personal representative, executors and beneficiaries


Our Dedication to Protecting Your Rights and Family Interests in Probate


Clients are, and always will be, the heart of our practice. We put your interests first by responding to telephone calls promptly, providing regular updates on the status of your case and vigorously defending your interests throughout the probate process. Our clients receive the same high quality legal representation offered at large San Francisco law firms, but with the personal services and cost effectiveness of a smaller, boutique law firm.

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