If you are injured or suffer other damages because of a product you used, you may be able to file a lawsuit to recover for your injuries and damages. This kind of lawsuit is called a defective product liability claim. Our East Bay product liability lawyer can help you.

For 30 years the Law Office of Thomas C. Tagliarini Attorney At Law has diligently worked to deliver justice for clients who have been injured from defective products. We have built an excellent reputation by sharing both the positive and negative circumstances with clients and then customizing the best and most efficient litigation strategy.

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Defective Product Liability Law in California

Defective product liability lawsuits in California are generally grouped into three categories.

  • Manufacturing defects:  A mistake was made either at the factory or at some point between the factory and wherever the product was purchased, resulting in a faulty product.
  • Design defects: The product is dangerous in some way because of how it was designed even though it was correctly manufactured.
  • Defective marketing: A failure to provide adequate warnings or instructions regarding the proper use of the injury-causing product.


Defective Product Liability Claim and Lawsuit Filing Deadlines


You must file a defective product liability lawsuit within a certain amount of time. The legal term for this time limit is the “statute of limitations.” The statute of limitations in California is two years.  Regardless of how good your claim may be, you need to file your lawsuit before the statute of limitations expires to ensure that your case can be heard.

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