Tips For Handling Aggressive Drivers

Here at Thomas C. Tagliarini Attorney At Law, we have seen more than our fair share of victims of motor vehicle accidents, and we know firsthand the kind of lasting damage those crashes can have. We work hard to advocate for people involved in these types of tragedies, and are proud to be one of the top personal injury lawyers in the East Bay area. However, our work would not be complete if we did not address some ways to prevent these things from happening in the first place. Our first concern is always for your safety, especially when you are behind the wheel.

There are many different types of people on the roads these days, and you have probably encountered a handful of aggressive or reckless drivers before. Here are some tips that you can use to stay safe, even while your fellow drivers are behaving irresponsibly:

  1. Don’t take it personally

The best way to approach dangerous motorists is to remain calm, and remember that their behavior is not under your control. Take deep breaths, stay focused on the road, and don’t engage if they become aggressive towards you.

  1. Get out of their way

Too often, people will try to block or forcibly slow down an aggressive driver, and this is a recipe for disaster. Don’t purposefully block the passing lane or the turn lane, don’t speed up to irritate them, and always move out of the way if they are tailing you, honking at you, or otherwise harassing you. They will likely drive past without further issue.

  1. Report aggressive drivers when possible

Many states have phone numbers you can use to report dangerous drivers, and use this option if you safely can. Try to remember details like the vehicle description, license plate number, and the direction the vehicle is heading. If you do decide to contact the authorities, pull over to a safe spot or enlist your passenger to call for you.

  1. Record any incidents

If you are unfortunate enough to get into an altercation or accident with an aggressive driver, be sure to record and report everything that happened leading up to the incident. From verbal and physical harassment, to serious crashes, it’s important to keep the facts straight in case you need to contact a car accident attorney in Emeryville or your nearest city.